Want to know what your customer data is really telling you?

e-Ray is an AI-based application that quickly and consistently analyses large amounts of unstructured textual data like NPS & CES feedback, tweets and app reviews. Scalable, easy, fast, and reliable. See how it works by watching our 1 minute video

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Analyse all your customer feedback like NPS & CES in under 5 min.


Get more from the data that’s already there.

It determines the sub and the main topics and ascertains their respective emotions. The result is presented in an easy to use dashboard to get actionable insights.

Statistical relevant information and learnings, from existing text, reports, comments, and more. Our AI is trained to quickly and consistently analyze large amounts of textual information.

Topic Mining

Topic Mining helps you manage your business structure more swiftly — and most important, more intelligently. And now it’s even easier to assign those topics directly to your company departments for a clean workflow.

Emotion Scan

Topics across your business are divided by our Emotion scan. With an accuracy of 90% it allows you to interact with either positive or negative feedback on your specific department. 


The Dashboard is the best way to navigate and explore customer feedback, all while protecting your privacy. The dashboard offers features like:
Timeline, NPS per topic and filters.

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You are in control of your data and dashboards.

Just upload your xlsx datafiles from any source to e-Ray, link columns and let e-Ray work its magic for you. Add recent data or create a new dashboard, no problem. You can manage all from one place.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s get in touch, we’d love to give you a demo.

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Our Certified Partner

We’ve partnered up with Dutch social messaging platform SaySimple as our certified partner. SaySimple can add services like consultancy and integration with Whatsapp so that you'll get even more out of e-Ray.

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Product Development

Through 20+ years of experience in technology, Triple discovers new developments earlier than most other companies. This creates the opportunity to develop smart and innovative, yet simple solutions.

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